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Vermont Head Start Tooth Tutor Program
donation imageHelp Provide Children In Vermont The Opportunity To Succeed! In the 50 plus years since the national commitment began, Head Start has improved the lives of more than 32 million children and their families nationwide. Head Start alumni are in all walks of life. These alumni remember Head Start as the place where, at an early age, they acquired a life-long love of learning. VHSA not only believes in preparing children for life and school but supports parents and families to lead happy, healthy lives. The VHSA members, who include representatives from the seven Vermont Head Start Programs, achieve this with a whole child and whole family approach. The Head Start Tooth Tutor program is a partnership between Northeast Delta Dental, VHSA, and registered dental hygienists -“Tooth Tutors”. The Tooth Tutors work with Head Start children and families so all children have a dental homes, regular checkups, treatment and preventive care. Please consider making a donation today and supporting the VHSA and all of the great work that they do!

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