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The Community Culinary School of Northwestern Connecticut
donation imageThe Community Culinary School offers culinary training and job placement to unemployed and underemployed adults age 18 and over who are interested in starting a new career in the food service industry. During each 12-week session economically at-risk individuals receive culinary and life skills training which help them to overcome the barriers to employment that they have faced. Graduates qualify for positions in an industry always in need of reliable, trained help. Food produced in the classes is distributed to the hungry in the community via the New Milford Food Bank, serving up to 150 households weekly. The program addresses the root causes of hunger in our community. Situated in St. John’s Episcopal Church on the New Milford Green, the Community Culinary School utilizes the skills of professional chefs and other consulting/volunteer staff to teach students the skills necessary for success. Professional techniques, food safety, nutrition, work habits and professionalism are emphasized over the twelve-week sessions, with internships at area food establishments. To date 100% of our students have passed the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification test and we have an 96% job placement rate and a 95% job retention rate at three months post-graduation. We work closely with each individual student to ensure their success. For many individuals, paying for college or job training is not a viable option. A job training program such as the Community Culinary School, however, offers a real opportunity for motivated out-of-school youth and adults to attain self-sufficiency while embarking on a new and exciting career in the dynamic food service industry. 80% of students qualify for sponsorships, paid by the School..

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