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2020 New Castle 10K Fitted Crew Sweatshirt
merchandise imageIt was a tough decision to steer away from the hooded shirts from the past two years but I like to change it up from time to time and honestly, I feel that this change is a good one. The crew sweatshirt is SO comfortable, you'll most likely get stopped by the cops because in most states it's illegal to be that comfortable while driving! You most certainly WILL NOT blend into the background with this so don't do anything illegal in it because there is a 100% chance that you'll get caught, or someone will turn you in so that they can steal your sweatshirt! Don't wear this sweatshirt before any important event because chances are you will fall asleep in it, miss the event, and then the world will be over. The hoodie option will make it's way back to this race eventually, but for 2020 enjoy the carefree lifestyle that the crew sweatshirt insists upon. Sizing chart on the website under the "goodies" section. Unisex sizing.
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