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2021 New Castle 10K Fitted Crew Sweatshirt
merchandise imageLast year's move to a crew sweatshirt was the right direction because that sweatshirt was the BOSS HOG! I mean, you can do anything in that sweatshirt except look like a loser. So I made the decision to stay in the same lane and keep the momentum going but only change up the color combination. I don't know the color of the logo yet so even though it's on the shirt in blue, it might be white, or black, or pink, or rainbow... who knows! Well, I do but I won't really know until we're ready to print them. Trust me, it will look amazing because half of the motivation for me is that I want to also wear it, so I'll take good care of you. Like a a great pizza chef - even if the pizza doesn't come out the very best... it's still damn good because well, it's pizza. Please don't wear this sweatshirt to anything important because you'll fall asleep in it and then miss the event. Sizing chart available on the website under the "goodies" section.
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