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New Castle 10K Tank Top
merchandise imageLet's be honest, a tank top is more than just a piece of fabric cut like you should be drinking cold beer from a can while staring at a pile of wood and playing foreigner on a boom box plugged into a long recently untangled orange extension cord. It's a right of passage! It's a wearable cape that says you're not going to take any shit from anyone. This tank top is woven from the same cloth of Superwoman and Superman's capes. Wake up, enjoy your coffee, put on your new tank top, snap into a slim Jim, and beat everyone else in the race. I promise you this, on your dying day, the only thing you WON'T regret is buying this tank top. MATERIAL: Our racing singlets feature an interlock micro polyester fabric. Ultra smooth to the touch, very breathable, 2-way stretch, moisture-wicking and fast drying. SIZING: This site won't allow me to upload the sizing chart, so you have to click or copy/paste the link below to get sizing. This link is also available on the newcastlenh10k.com homepage under the "what's included in registration" section. URL: https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/82e839_ada8b7b51cd142279952ecc27f18d4d7.pdf
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