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Event: Fall Foliage... Category: 10 mile trai... Date: Sun Oct 08, 2017 Fee: $40.00

From Start: Head LEFT onto dirt road behind the ice arena into town square. Cross bridge and head LEFT onto Pond Loop, follow white painted arrows. Follow arrow signs and white painted arrows on trail toward Valley Road/49. Run on paved Valley Road turn RIGHT on Boulder Path Road. Continue on Boulder Path Road passing Snows Mtn Parking Take a slight RIGHT & immediate LEFT onto Lower Snows/Cascade Trail. Follow painted and signed arrows Left onto Lower Snows Trail. Take a RIGHT at SwazeyTown Trail and follow signed & painted arrows up Beanbender Trail to the top of Upper Snows ski hill. Mile 3, Take a LEFT at the crest of the hill, heading down Upper Snows Trail. Continue on to Livermore Trail Mile 6, Aid Station at bottom of Livermore Trail Run across paved bridge, take a RIGHT on Tripoli Road Take a LEFT at signed arrows and To Town Square & Finish Follow Swans Way & Inner Mad River Trails to a LEFT at Village Trail. Take Village trail back on to Pond Loop. C
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