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First Parish Church, Dover, NH
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218 Central Avenue
Dover, NH
First Parish Church houses the Dover Food Pantry, a thrift shop, hosts Red Cross blood drives, a variety of concert series, and community group meetings like the Boy Scouts and Alcoholics Anonymous. It also serves as a polling place for Dover voters and continues the centuries old traditions of crisis and community services for the local community. Its Federal style architecture building, highlighted by the prominent white steeple and clock tower, was built in 1829 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. It is one of the many Dover area treasures and needs to be maintained as such. Maintenance and repair of old buildings is understandably expensive, and the church’s services are in more demand than ever. This has led members to look into additional funding methods to supplement traditional pledge campaigns. In that spirit, parishioners at First Parish came up with the idea to hold Dover’s only half-marathon, the Cochecho Challenge. The race this year, our third, will be held on Saturday September 2, 2017 at 9:05am. Runners will be following a 13.1 mile course around Dover, starting and finishing at the First Parish Church. We invite you to support the preservation of one of Dover’s landmarks as well as the services the church building provides, by considering a tax deductible monetary donation. A confirmation letter will be sent to you as a record of your donation. Please include your name and a return address with your check. THANK YOU! You can use your credit card to make a donation, or if youd like to mail your donation, please make checks payable to: "First Parish Church" and notate “Road Race Account” on the memo line. Mail checks to: First Parish Church 218 Central Avenue Dover, NH 03820

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