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CANCELLED - James Joyce Ramble 10K ~ 37th unabridged edition
Sunday, April 26, 2020

This is a professionally-staged national championship event featuring; a closed-to-traffic  certified 6.2 mile course with over 50 public safely officers, seven water stations, 200 volunteers, easy parking, live entertainment, food and beverage,

We hire some of best contractors in New England bringing into Dedham professional grade sound systems, tents, scores of portasans all on a beautiful 18 acre venue. We work hard to keep our entry fees affordable and most people who have participated in past Rambles can testify we provide terrific value for the experience in a region where there are many similar events from which to choose. 

This internationally known race is a unique blending of sports and culture. The 10K loop course features an historic and pretty landscape punctuated with actors performing from the literary works of the race's namesake and tremendous community support dating back to 1984.

It is also noted for a rather nice post-race party with live music and a variety of food, refreshments and adult beverages on the vast lawn of the Endicott Estate registered as an historic land mark.  The 10k competitive running event on a closed-to-traffic course is partnered with a free children's event and a 3.5 mile fitness walk.





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Course certification map
Additional Information

Hundreds of hours have been spent planning our 37th edition James Joyce Ramble up to the first week of March, but then we were stopped in our tracks with the realization that these are uncharted waters.  We are fully realizing that our country may not look the same in just a few weeks. Some small businesses may never recover and workers may never return to their jobs 

As many know, we’re hosting the National Masters 10 km Championship and it involves many forty, fifty year old and older adults traveling from across the country to compete once again on April 26. I was informed in early March by the national sports authorities, it was our call whether to cancel or proceed with the race on 4/26. 

In the following days we conferred with medical resources and monitored news from Washington. It was with a sense of increasing dread and realization that we can't possibly stage an event in four weeks in the middle of all this fear and financial uncertainty as many of us are losing income as well as trust in our federal government to quickly resolve this issue. When Doctor Anthony Fauci stated at a press conference that the epidemic could last anywhere between two weeks and two months, we knew we were done for 2020. Now of course we know it may last well into the summer. 

We won't and should not impede the world's comprehensive public health response to Covid-19  by putting anyone, runners, volunteers, vendors or spectators, at risk. It is not what the fundamental mission of the James Joyce Ramble is about.

Regretfully, I must inform you that the 37th Ramble hosting the 2020 USATF Masters 10K Championship is canceled for this year, but with God's good grace will return on April 25, 2021.  You will have a full credt for 2021 or you may transfer your number to another person.  If you have a extraordinary circumstance, please email me at  We'll work it out. 

As my schedule is suddenly clear aside from informing the dozens of stakeholders and vendors, I'm here if you need help with anything you may need. Please believe that.

We’ve established a Facebook group for folks who wish to assist each other during these uncertain times, Called,   Our Better Angels .The name comes from Abraham’s Lincoln’s inaugural address.  He said “We are not enemies, but friends.  We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory will swell when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature”. 

We'll get through this together.  I know this.

Stay safe,


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