The 2020 MSTCA Cup
Saturday, November 21, 2020

Meet Sponsor:        Hoka & Marathon Sports    

Place:         Highland Park, Attleboro

Meet Director:       James Fletcher            


Dates:             Saturday, November 21, 2020    

Time:         9:00 a.m. -- 4:00 p.m.



Meet Description

The MSTCA is committed to providing a safe and competitive racing environment for cross country athletes during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Therefore, the following race setup will be used for this meet:

  • This meet is open only to athletes who are enrolled in a Massachusetts high school which is currently an MIAA member school.

  • Entries will only be accepted on an individual basis.  

  • Besides individual results being posted overall, they will also be posted based on MIAA geographical divisions (WMass 1 & 2, CMass 1 & 2, EMass 1 - 6, State 1 & 2).

  • If five or more entries are received from a single XC Club, then the club will receive a team score.

  • If more than one team enters from any MIAA geographical division (see above), then this division will be team scored.

  • The race distance will be 5 kilometers for all varsity waves.  

  • The race distance will be 1.6 miles for all sub-varsity waves.

  • Due to the course layout and the wave frequency, this meet is designed for :

    • Varsity girls who can complete a 5 kilometer race in under 25 minutes,

    • Varsity boys who can complete a 5 kilometer race in under 21 minutes,

    • Freshman/Sub-varsity girls who can complete 1.6 miles race in under 15 minutes,

    • Freshman/Sub-varsity boys who can complete a 1.6 mile race in under 13 minutes.

    • Athletes who cannot meet these standards should avoid entering this meet.




Race Schedule


~9:00 a.m.        Boys - Freshman/Sub-varsity Waves - 1.6 miles

~9:15 a.m.        Girls - Freshman/Sub-varsity Waves - 1.6 miles


~9:30 a.m. -- ??    Boys & Girls - Varsity Waves - 5 kilometers





Course Description

  • The Mark Coogan XC Course at Highland Park consists of a 1.5 mile loop which is covered twice for the varsity races and once for the sub-varsity races.

  • The terrain is rolling, grass-covered hills.  There are markers at each mile and kilometer.

  • A course map is included at the end of this entry form.

  • Please view this video, courtesy of Bishop Feehan HS, which previews the course.

  • Due to EEA mandates, athletes will NOT be able to preview the course on the day of the meet.




Race/Wave Information


  • Waves of runners will leave the starting line throughout the day.  Wave times will be set to allow runners to maintain social distance throughout the course.

  • Chip timing will be used for each wave.  Athletes will be crossing a mat both at the start and finish lines.  

  • Approximately 12 - 16 athletes will be placed in each wave.

  • For the Varsity Races

    • Approximately every 20 - 25 minutes, a set of 4 waves will depart.  There will be 2 minutes between the start of each of the 4 waves.

    • Each set of waves will consist of a single gender, and the sets will alternate between genders throughout the day.

    • Athletes will need to submit a cross country course 5K seed time when registering.  The meet director will place athletes in waves  based on these seed times.  Each wave will be filled with as many athletes of similar ability as possible.

    • Waves will proceed from fastest to slowest throughout the day.  

    • Exact times and populations for each wave will be posted on on Tuesday, November 17, 2020.



Entry Fee:     


  • $25 per individual if registering prior to the Regular Entry Deadline


  •  $50 per individual if registering after the Regular Entry Deadline





Entry Process 






Entry Deadlines        


  • The Regular Entry Deadline is 11:59 p.m. on Monday, November 16, 2020.

  • The Late-Entry Deadline is 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, November 18, 2020.

  • No entries will be accepted after November 18, 2020.





  • School-issued uniforms should not be worn for this meet.

  • Athletes competing for the same XC club may wear matching uniforms, but are not required to do so.





  • Final results for the competition, based on the net time for each runner, will be compiled after the completion of the final wave and posted here.





  • There will be no awards for this meet.





Safety Protocols

For the safety of all participants, the following guidelines have been set up and must be followed:

  • A maximum of one (1) spectator per athlete will be allowed at this event.  

  • Athletes will not be allowed onto the Highland Park site until 60 minutes prior to their wave start.  If arriving earlier, athletes will be required to remain in their vehicle until the appropriate time.

  • Upon leaving their vehicles, athletes must proceed directly to the registration tables to receive their bib, pins, and pod assignment.  Athletes must then proceed to their pod (home base) in the driving range area to prepare for their race.

  • Coaches may enter the site at any time, but must check-in at the registration table immediately upon arrival.

  • All coaches and spectators must wear masks while on site.

  • All athletes must wear masks while on site.  Athletes will be allowed to lower their masks when warming up, racing, or cooling down as long as another runner is not in close proximity.

  • On-site warm-up and cool-down running must be completed in a counter-clockwise manner around the flagged perimeter of the driving range area.  Athletes are not allowed to warm-up or cool-down on the XC course.

  • Athletes may not approach the starting line area until approximately 5 minutes prior to the start of their wave.  An MSTCA Representative will be stationed in the warm-up area to prompt athletes when to depart for the starting area.  Additional MSTCA Representatives will be posted behind the starting line to direct athletes to their appropriate wave area.

  • There will be no water supplied by the MSTCA at the finish line.  Athletes must bring their own water.

  • Upon finishing their race, athletes must proceed away from the finish area and directly back to their pod in the driving range area.

  • In order to maintain a safe number of people on site, all athletes must vacate the park within 30 minutes after the conclusion of their race.





Directions and Parking 


  • The address of Highland Park is 104 Mechanic Street, Attleboro, MA.  This address should only be used for drop-offs, pick-ups, and vehicles with disability plates/placards.

  • There is no street parking on Berwick Avenue or Mechanic Street.

  • The entrance to the main parking lot is located at 95 Rathbun Willard Drive, Attleboro, MA.  There will be a walkway from the parking lot to the registration tables.

  • Overflow parking is available across the street at Attleboro High School.




Additional Information


  • There will be no concessions available on site.

  • T-Shirts will be available for sale both during online registration and on site the day of the meet.

Highland Park XC Course Map
This is the 5K course.
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Highland Park XC Course Map
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James Fletcher
Massachusetts State Track Coaches Association
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