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Not Your ''Ordinary'' Ruck 4 HIT Challenge Weekend
Friday, April 30, 2021

Friday April 30th - Sunday May 2nd

Looking for something to train for this winter all the while supporting a great cause? Do you like to Ruck, run, walk, bike, paddle, swim or hike? Create a team, join a team, or participate solo and help us to raise awareness and funds for Heroes In Transition! Heroes in Transition, Inc. was founded in 2009 in memory of Capt. Eric A. Jones, a Marine helicopter pilot, who lost his life while supporting a combat mission in Afghanistan, October 26, 2009. “He flew helicopters to be close to the troops on the ground and be there to help them when they needed it most,” said Cyndy Jones, Eric’s mother and co founder of Heroes in Transition. The organization carries on Capt. Jones’ mission by providing assistance to those who have served or who are serving our country. To learn more about HIT please visit

All miles that you cover during the weekend will count towards the overall goal - to see how many miles we can collectively ruck, run, walk, bike, paddle, swim, or hike while wearing a ruck sack, backpack or something similar. As every service member is forced to carry the burden of war during active service and beyond, carrying the ruck sack is symbolic of hardships endured and the perseverance required to complete the mission.

WHO: This event is for anyone that wants to challenge themselves and support the mission

WHERE: Anywhere you can get your miles in ( road, trail, pond, treadmill, etc...)

WHAT: Challenge yourself to participate in something you have NEVER done before. Have you always wanted to paddle a 10k, or walk a 5K? What about riding 100 miles, or running 20 miles? NOW is the time to think outside the box and challenge yourself. A minimum donation of $60.00 enters you into the weekend challenge.

TEAM CHALLENGE: Gather a team of unlimited participants to see how many miles you can collectively accumulate over the weekend. This can mean one person can walk, another person can paddle, and someone else can ruck! Be creative and do something you have never done before!  Good news: we are working on a “home base” in Mashpee for interested teams. More information/details to follow.

INDIVIDUAL CHALLENGE: Individuals are also encouraged to participate and rack up as many miles as possible. Just remember to accomplish something ( or many somethings) you have never done before!

Shirt and packet pickup will take place at Heritage Park the weekend of the event.  You must be registered by April 5th in order to receive a shirt.

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