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James Joyce Ramble 10K ~ 35th unabridged edition
Sunday, April 29, 2018

This is a professionally staged national championship event featuring; a closed-to-traffic 6.2 mile course with 50 public safely officers, seven water stations, 200 volunteers, live entertainment, food and beverage,

tents, professional grade sound systems, scores of portasans and a beautiful 18 acre venue. We work hard to keep our entry fees affordable and most people who have participapted in past Rambles can testify we provide

terrific value for the experience in a region where there are many similar events from which to choose. 

This internationally known race is a unique blending of sports and culture. The 10K loop course features a historic and pretty landscape that is punctuated with actors performing from the literary works of the race's namesake.

It is also noted for a rather nice post party with live music on the the vast lawn of the Endicott Estate. The 10k competitive running event on a closed-to-traffic course is partnered with a free children's event and a

3.5 mile fitness walk.





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Registration for the Masters Championship division is through the USATF website
Individual entry$45.00
Sunday April 29, 2018 11:00 AM

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