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Electronic RaceDay Registrations

A major feature of the iResults system is the ability to allow people to register for your event electronically and have that data transferred directly to the timer where it's either stored in a CSV file or automatically imported into RunScore. The on-site server and kiosks are used to register. Other features include

How Does it Work?

Someone who would like to register for your event would find an available kiosk. The list of available races are on the left side of the kiosk and the available payment methods are on the right. The person would select their race and their payment method and then click 'Next'. They are presented with a copy of the event waiver which they must read and agree to. They would then enter their name, age, sex, city, state, shirt size, email address and any other information required of them. Once all the data is complete, they are shown an electronic form of their registration. They can then either edit their data, or choose to complete the process by paying. If they are paying by credit card, they swipe their card to complete the transaction. If they are paying by cash or check, they click a button indicating they have confirmed their info. Once the transaction is complete, they are assigned a bib and a receipt is printed. The receipt contains their personal info along with the bib number and the balance due. If they paid with a credit card, the balance due is $0.00. If they are paying with cash or check, their balance will be the cost of the entry fee plus the cost of a shirt plus any additional merchandise items they might have purchased. The newly registered person then takes their receipt to the volunteer table to pick up their bib and pay their balance.

How does the data get to the timer?

If you have an internet connection, the data will automatically be transferred to the timer. If there is no internet, then you will have to manually download the raceday registrations and save the file to a USB stick. That USB stick would then be hand carried over to the timer who will import the data into their scoring system. Manually downloading the data is very easy. On the admin page, there is a button at the top labeled "Manual Download". You should be connected to the Oscelot via a Windows or MAC Laptop so that you can save the data to an external USB drive. The name of the file is automatically generated and will include a time/date stamp. It is highly recommended to occassionaly perform a manual download so the race day registration data is saved on your laptop in the event the Oscelot fails.