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iResultsLIVE is a collection of technology for delivering race results in unique and interesting ways. Our on-site systems are custom built and provide for electronic race-day registration as well as providing kiosks and printers for viewing race results. We partner with with the best timing companies in New England to provide unique experiences to your event.


The iResultsConnector is used by event timers to connect race results to the cloud, or to send race results directly to on-site servers. You must have a a valid and active Lightbox account in order to activate the software.
Download the latest version ( - Released on 11/08/2018)

RunScore Integration

Our software interfaces directly with RunScore to download race day registrations as well as uploading race results. We also interface to other scoring packages using standard CSV files.

Custom Email

Race results can be sent directly to athletes via customized email messages. The emails are sent as soon as the timer has validated the race results. Each email message contains someones personalized results along with a link to the overall results.

Text Messaging

If a cellphone number is available, race results can be sent via text messaging. Tracking alerts can also be sent via text.

On-Site Servers

Our compact and portable on-site servers have their own internet connection to download, store and process race-day registrations and race results. The on-site server is the engine that drives the kiosks, iResults Clocks and walkup TV's. Since we download and store all data locally, lookups are screaming fast.

On-Site Kiosks

Our wireless on-site kiosks allow you to register for a race on race-day as well as providing the ability to lookup your results immediately after the event. Our kiosks are wireless tablets, but any computer can be used that supports a web browser.

Walkup Results TV

Our unique Walk-up TV allows someone to simply walkup to the TV to view their results. Our poweful chip readers can read a bib from over 30 feet away and display the results on a large 60" TV. The system can also speak, announcing someones name and finish time.

Facebook Integration

Race results can be posted directly to Facebook along with a custom message. We do not post automatically. Rather, we provide a link that someone can click if they want to share their results with their friends.

Finisher Certificates

Custom finisher certificates are generated for everyone who finishes an event. The certificate can be fully customized to match the look and feel of an event.

Athlete Tracking

All events provide the ability for someone to receive an email or text when an athlete crosses split points or when they finish. Some races provide the ability to track athletes on a moving google maps.