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Custom Questions
Custom questions are questions that are asked during the registration process. Creating custom questions is optional. Many events allow registrations without asking any questions. But if you want to collect additional information from the people registering, you can create 1 or more custom questions.
Custom questions consist of 3 main pieces:
  • The question
  • The format of the response
  • Predefined response options
The Question: This is simply text that asks the question. Example might include "How did you hear about this race?" or "Would you like the chicken or the beef?".

Response Format: This defines the format of the response. You can choose from "radio boxes", "checkboxes", "text field" or "custom". If the response is in the form of radioboxes, the person can only choose 1 option. For text boxes, the person can choose multiple options. For text, the person can enter any value they want. Custom response allow custom modules to be used to collect highly customized responses.

Predefined Response Options: This is a list of items which will be used to create the radiobox or checkbox options. Examples might include predefined options for questions such as "how did you hear about this race" and the values might "coolrunning, nerunner, friend". It's not required to have predefined options, and you can configure questions to allow previous responses to be automatically added to the list of predefined options. You can also use the built-in library lists to save options and apply them to different events. There also system-maintained lists was as the USATF-NE teamlist and USATF team list You can create your own lists at any time.

You can setup any question so that a response is required. The user will be unable to register unless they provide a response to the question. This is an optional setting as the default behavior is to make responses to questions optional.
Questions can be attached to one or more categories (categories are different races within an event. e.g. 5k, 10k, kids run, etc) . That means that you can ask some questions for, say, a half marathon race and other questions for a 5K race. You can have completely separate questions depending on what type of race you're signing up for.
You can setup some questions to send an email message to anyone if the answer to the question is a "YES". For example, you may setup a question that asks someone if they're interested in insurance. If they answer "YES", then they are asked what type of insurance they're interested in (e.g. home, life, auto, etc). Once they register, their contact information could be sent to one of your sponsors which deals with insurance. The idea behind this feature is to provide your sponsors with much more than a logo on the back of a t-shirt. Another example would be asking is the person was looking into getting new running clothes or shoes. You may collect additional info such as their shoe or shirt size. A running store company would could then get the email containing contact information for that person.
Questions can be enabled or disabled at any time. A disabled question will still exist in the system, but it will not be present to anyone during registration.
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