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Pricing and Fees
Lightbox registrations is free to use for events. We do not charge anything for the use of the system. The only time we make money is when someone registers using a credit card. We make money by applying a nominal processing fee to each registration. The fee is applied to the cost of processing the credit card transaction and is split between the credit card company, the gateway (the entity that actually transfers the money between banks) and Lightbox Registrations.
PROCESSING FEES (events created before January 10, 2014)
We charge 5.0% plus $1.50 per registrant. This means that for an event that charges $20.00, the processing fees will be $2.50. If the entry fee for your event is $50.00, the processing fees will be approximately $4.00. The reason fees are based on a percentage is because credit card companies charge processing fees based on a percentage.
PROCESSING FEES (events created on or after January 10, 2014)
We charge 6.25% plus $1.25 per registrant. This means that for an event that charges $20.00, the processing fees will be $2.50. For events with an entry fee of $50.00, the processing fees will be $4.38. Note that while the percentage fee has gone up (from 5.0% to 6.25%), the fixed fee has gone down ($1.5 to $1.25). The effect of this change is to provide a more uniform cost structure to events regardless of their entry fee.
Note: Processing fees are established an event-by-event basis. Some events may have higher processing fees to offset the costs of timing and other services. Please consult with your timer and/or event management company for specific details.
We charge a flat 4.0% for all donation and merchandise purchases. We need to apply this fee because the credit card companies charge a fee for processing the credit card transaction. So for a donation of $20.00, we charge .80 to process the transaction. These fees will not change in 2014.
The person signing up for the event normally pays the processing fees. Example: Someone signs up for your event with an entry fee of $20.00. An additional $2.50 is added for a total of $22.50. This is the amount the person will be charged on their credit card. The event will receive $20.00 and the registration company keeps the $2.50 to cover processing fees. You also have the option to have the event pay for the processing fees, or to split the processing fee between the event and the participant. The determination of who pays the processing fees is done during event creation, but it can be changed anytime.
Processing fees will be affected by the addition of donation and merchandise items as noted above. We need to charge additional processing fees because of the increase in the total charge amount. Credit card companies apply processing fees based on the total amount of the transactions and so we must increase the processing fees to account for the increased credit card company fees. Processing fees may also be increased on an event-by-event basis due to negotiated business arrangements between the event organizer and the event timer. Contact your event timer for more information.
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