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Downloads and Reports
You can download the list of registrations at anytime, and as often as you like. You can download everyone from all categories, of you can choose which category to download.
Each download is recorded and the history of downloads is always displayed. This lets you see who downloaded the registrations for your event, when they downloaded, and the number of records that were downloaded.
You can choose to report on any of the following:
  • Registrations:
  • See a list of all people registered along with their personal information and date of registrations. Sort on any field.
  • Duplicates:
  • See a list of any duplicate registrations
  • Facebook Signups:
  • See a list of everyone that signed up for facebook.
  • Teams:
  • See a list of all teams
  • Search:
  • Search for anyone using their any combination of thier first name, last name, home city or email address.
  • Donations:
  • See a list of all donations, who made the donations, donation amount, and contact information
  • Abandonded Registration:
  • See a list of people that began to register, but never complete the process.
  • Unaccepted Waiver:
  • See a list of people that have not accepte the waivers.
  • Question Responses:
  • See a summary of all question responses.
  • Demongraphics:
  • See demographics for the people who have registered for your event.
  • Merchandise:
  • See all merchandise purchases.
  • Payment History:
  • See all payments made to your event.
  • Expenses and Chargebacks:
  • See a list of all expenses billed to your event and all credit-card chargebacks.
  • Discount Codes:
  • See a summary of all discount codes and who used them
  • Announcer Sheet:
  • A simple summary showing various interesting statistics for your event. This sheet can be handed to an announcer to give them something to talk about.
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