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Hillacious Half Marathon
Saturday, November 14, 2020

Welcome to the Hillacious Half website. The H ½ was created to honor our military, to thank them and let them know that their sacrifices are not unnoticed or taken for granted.

This course is extremely tough – to represent the efforts that our military make for us every day and often far away from their loved ones.

This race does not offer prize money. This is a bare bones race for those with the determination, grit and wherewithal to get it done; to run those 13.1 miles for your own satisfaction and to keep in the public eye the extreme nature of what it means to serve our Country. No frills, just sweat. You’ll dig deep for this course.

All proceeds after race expenses are put in a fund for any military person or family in our general locality that needs a helping hand. Funds are only distributed through the Hillacious Half; no monies are paid to any agencies such as Wounded Warrior or Disabled American Veterans.

Both the male and female 1st place finisher will have their names engraved on the perpetual trophies that will remain housed in our Morgan-Weir American Legion Post 27 here in Litchfield.

For an additional $10.00, the HH also allows for participants to purchase a dog tag engraved with the name of someone serving or who has served in our armed forces perhaps currently stationed in a war zone, or a veteran close to you – a father, sister, grandfather. 

By wearing a dog tag, you bring that person “with you” on the course. It may just be the motivation to get you up that hill. You keep the dog tag as an honorarium; an achievement you can be proud of.

Each mile is marked with the name of someone currently serving our Country, either on U.S. soil or overseas. Thank them as you run by.

Click here to register with Fast Track timing online. Pick up an application in most local area stores. Call or email Beth Murphy for more info or to have an application mailed to you. 860-459-8596.

Thank you for your interest in this race. And thank a veteran for preserving our way of life.

Please check your calendar prior to registering -- NO refunds!


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Hillacious Half
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