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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Companion Pet Rescues mission is to rescue and rehome dogs from high kill shelters and dogs that are abandoned or dumped in the greater Jackson,TN area. The pups and dogs are held at our center in TN or in foster homes until vetted and ready to travel to our Southbury, CT adoption center to be adopted. The dogs are usually held for a less than a month, but depending on the pup and the amount of health issues it has to overcome it can take longer. We host three adoption events every weekend in locations throughout CT. Founded in 2004 by Molli Bowen who is the President of CPR, we have saved over 20,000 dogs since our inception. We are active in outreach to spay and neuter dogs for residents in greater Jackson, TN who do not have access to low cost spay/neuter programs. Our name was chosen deliberately that our dogs are friendly, companion animals. We are proud of the large volunteer network that work tirelessly to support our efforts.



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