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Northeast Invitational
Saturday, January 16, 2021

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Meet Sponsor:        Marathon Sports    

Place:             Haas Center, Fillmore Drive, Wheaton College, Norton, MA

Meet Directors:    Matt Carr, & Jayson Sylvain,

Date:             Saturday, January 16, 2021    

Time:             10:00 a.m. 



Meet Description

The MSTCA is committed to providing a safe environment for indoor track and field athletes to both race and train during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

This meet is open to members of the high school graduating classes of 2017 - 2024. Events will be seeded by time (fast to slow), not by age group. 

This meet will begin the MSTCA’s 2021 Grand Prix Scoring.  The Grand Prix allows athletes to compete against others in multiple events over the course of January.  Athletes who participate will be eligible for discounted entry fees.  Please visit this page for more information about our 2021 Grand Prix.

Any four athletes (any age or gender) registering and paying for at least one individual event receive a free entry into the 4x400 relay. Email meet director Jayson Sylvain ( with the names of your four registered athletes to claim your free relay entry. Competitors may have to leave the facility and return for the relay, if in an earlier event, due to capacity limits in the building.

Please note the MSTCA has reserved the right to cancel this meet should the amount of entries fail to reach a minimum threshold.  If such is the case, the MSTCA will refund athletes the entry fee amount minus the online transaction surcharge.




Meet Order of Events

  • Please note the exact starting times for each event depend on the final number of entries. Check your email or for an updated time-frame the day before the meet (please remember to use an email address that can receive any incoming emails--we know that some school based emails can not).


  • Depending on entries, field events and the 5000 meters could be merged flights/heats of male and female.


  • The 200m and Shot Put will begin at 10:00 a.m. 


  • The Triple Jump will not begin until after the conclusion of the 400m.


  • The High Jump will not begin until after the conclusion of the Shot Put.


  • All events will be females followed by males. Running events will be seeded fast to slow.


    200 meters and Shot Put (High Jump after Shot Put)

    400 meters

    800 meters and Triple Jump

    55m Hurdles/60m Hurdles

    1 Mile

55m Dash/60m Dash

    5000 meters

    4 x 400m Relay




Safety Protocols


For the safety of all participants, the following guidelines have been set up and must be followed:

  • All participants must wear a face covering at all times while on site.  For athletes, this includes the time in which you are competing.

  • Athletes may arrive at the Wheaton College campus at any time, but will not be allowed into the Haas Center until 60 minutes prior to the start of their heat.  The MSTCA will post on all of its social media feeds when members of each heat may enter the building.  Athletes will be required to present proof (either physical or electronic) of their heat starting time to an MSTCA official upon entering the building.

  • Unfortunately, Wheaton College has directed there shall be no chaperones allowed inside the facility for this meet.  Our partner, Bay State Running, will be livestreaming the meet so that chaperones will be able to view the events online.

  • Coaches who are current MSTCA members may enter the site at any time, but they must check-in at the main lobby immediately upon arrival.  Coaches will also be directed to specific coaching boxes within the fieldhouse.

  • All athletes, coaches and staff must complete an MSTCA COVID-19 questionnaire upon entering the building.

  • After receiving their hip numbers, athletes will be directed to a pod in the gymnasium.  Athletes must stay with the other members of their pod while in the gymnasium AND when the pod moves to the fieldhouse.  Athletes will need to bring all of their belongings with them when their pod moves from the gymnasium to the fieldhouse.

  • Indoor warm-up running must be completed within the pod.  Athletes may warm-up outside before entering the facility.  After entering the facility, athletes will still have the opportunity to warm-up outdoors, but must first attach their hip numbers to their shirt in order to be easily identified and allowed back into the facility at the main entrance.  All cool-down running must be completed outside the facility.

  • There will be no water supplied by the MSTCA at the finish line.  Athletes must bring their own water.  

  • Upon finishing their event, athletes must proceed to the designated area where their belongings are stored, and then exit the facility.

  • In order to maintain a safe number of people on site, all athletes must vacate the Haas Center within 30 minutes after the conclusion of their event.

  • Athletes in multiple events that are far apart in the time schedule, may have to exit and re-enter the facility.



Eligible Athletes

  • This meet is open to any member of the high school graduating classes of 2017 - 2024 who is a Massachusetts resident.

  • There are no entry standards for this meet.




  • School-issued uniforms should not be worn for this meet.




  • Spikes are allowed for the Dash, Hurdles, Long Jump and High Jump. Racing flats without spikes are allowed for all other running events.  Athletes may not wear their racing flats until they enter the fieldhouse.

  • All athletes will need to check their racing flats with an MSTCA official during number pick-up.





Shot Put

  • After a brief warm-up period, the competition will begin.

  • Each athlete will receive at least three throws. There will be no finals.

  • Shots will be provided by the MSTCA for this meet (12# and 16# shots will be available for men and 4k for women)

  • The MSTCA will provide disinfectant to clean the shots in between each use.



Triple Jump

  • Athletes should come prepared with a mark.

  • After a brief period for athletes to warm-up and place their marks, the competition will begin.

  • Each athlete will receive three jumps.  There will be no finals.



High Jump

  • Athletes should come prepared with a mark.

  • After a brief period for athletes to warm-up and place their marks, the competition will begin.

  • Female high jump will begin at 4’ 6” and progress in 2” increments.

  • Male high jump will begin at 5’ 6” and progress in 2” increments.



55m/60m Dash and Hurdles

  • Athletes will receive one race for these events.

  • Starting blocks will be provided by the MSTCA.

  • Athletes will need to use hand sanitizer before and after adjusting their blocks.




4 x 400m Relay


  • Any four athletes, regardless of age or gender, who have registered and paid for at least one individual event each, may field a free 4 x 400m Relay team.


  • Email meet director Jayson Sylvain with the names of the four registered athletes and a team name to be entered into the relay.




Entry Fee     


  • $20 per individual event





Entry Process 


  • Entries will only be accepted on an individual basis.  

  • Athletes interested in registering for this meet can do so here.




Entry Deadline        


  • The Regular Entry Deadline is 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, January 14, 2021.

  • No entries will be accepted after Thursday, January 14, 2021.




  • Results for each event will be posted here at the conclusion of each event.




  • There will be no awards for this meet.



Meet Apparel


  • Meet apparel will be available for sale online during registration as well as on site during the day of the meet.  Athletes will be able to visit the Marathon Sports table as they exit the facility.



Directions and Parking 

  • The address of the Haas Center is Fillmore Street, Wheaton College, Norton, MA.  

  • All participants should park in lot 8.  There will be signs directing vehicles to this lot.

  • There is no parking fee.



Inclement Weather

  • Any decision to cancel the meet due to inclement weather will be made by 7:00 a.m. on the day of the meet.

  • The MSTCA will blast all decisions through each of its social media feeds, and post a notice on its website:

  • There is no make-up date.

  • In the event the meet is cancelled due to weather, the MSTCA will refund athletes the entry fee amount minus the online transaction surcharge.

We are sorry, but on-line registration is closed.
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Additional InformationPlease contact the event for more information regarding alternate ways to register:

Jayson Sylvain
Massachusetts State Track Coaches Association
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